We’re basically Joe Rogan, but less ‘What if chimps were in outer space?' & more ‘What if the Church ended the orphan crisis?’

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Blessed Body Parts w/ Teddy & Tina Campbell

Jan. 7, 2022

D-Bo is joined by Tina Campbell, one half of the gospel R&B duo Mary Mary, and her world-renowned drumming husband, Teddy Campbell (American Idol, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and many more). They discuss whether or not t…

@honestyouthpastor - Horror Films For Christ & Why You Should Stop Kissing Babies w/ Honest Youth Pastor

Dec. 13, 2021

This episode features Michael Moore, aka @honestyouthpastor Where you can find The Honest Youth Pastor: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ht…

@memesforjesus & @christianswhocursesometimes Should Christians Attend Their Homosexual Friend’s Wedding w/ Memes For Jesus & Christians Who Curse Sometimes

Oct. 29, 2021

This episode features Memes For Jesus & Christians Who Curse Sometimes, aka @memesforjesus & @christianswhocursesometimes Where you can find Memes For Jesus & Christians Who Curse Sometimes: Memes For Jesus Instagram: https:…

@mattiemontgomery - Don’t Let Teenagers Train Your Kids w/ Mattie Montgomery

Oct. 7, 2021

This episode features Mattie Montgomery, aka @mattiemontgomery, former vocalist of renowned spirit-filled hardcore band “For Today” & current pastor of The Altar Fellowship. Where you can find Mattie Montgomery: https://www.…

@thegirlnamedblake - Should Christians Fight Harder for Their Marriages? w/ Blake Guichet

Sept. 10, 2021

This episode features Blake Guichet, aka @thegirlnamedblake Where you can find Blake: IG: IG: Website: https://crappychris…

@ruslankd - The Dangers of "Churchianity" w/ Ruslan

Aug. 18, 2021

This episode features Ruslan, a Christian rapper and entrepreneur. Where you can find Ruslan:…